GripWalk is a sole/binding system that makes walking in ski boots significantly more comfortable, while also reducing the chances of slipping. Yet the GripWalk system also guarantees outstanding on-snow performance.


Better walking more grip

High profiled slip-resistant sole

No height adjustment

Simply step-in: GripWalk-ready bindings need NO height adjustment- even when used with regular alpine boots and soles

Walking comfort

Increased walking comfort and improved natural roll thanks to curved rubber sole

GripWalk pads offer a full alpine release function when paired with GripWalk labelled or Multi Norm (MNC, MBS, soleID etc)

Our standard GripWalk Pads can easily be mounted onto our Hawx Magna boot models. And our Cantable GripWalk pads are compatible with our Hawx Ultra, Savor Boots and our Canting Shims.

  • Gripwalk

    The stable pads are ready-fitted on all ski boots bearing the official GripWalk logo. These are compatible with all ski bindings which also feature the GripWalk logo. These GripWalk bindings work with both GripWalk soles which comply with ISO 9523 and also with standard Alpine souls which comply with ISO 5355. Our Hawx Ultra XTD boots come pre-mounted with GripWalk grip pads.

  • Gripwalk Option

    Conventional ski boots which bear the official GripWalk Option logo can be retrofitted easily with the appropriate GripWalk sole for the relevant ski boot brand. These models have a standard Alpine sole which can be replaced quite easily with the stable pads in the toe and heel area (See table below).