Boots That Fit

Boot customization is about making the shape of the boot mirror the shape of the foot. Sometimes we need to make space for the foot, sometimes we just need to finetune an already good fit, and sometimes we need to take up excess space. For this reason, we speak about boot customization in terms of EXPANSION, OPTIMIZATION and REDUCTION.


What to do when the foot shape is wider than the shell shape?

Atomic Memory Fit is one of the quickest heat-fitting technologies around, so you can totally personalize boots in a matter of minutes. What makes Memory Fit so special is that all three elements of the boot adapt to your foot - shell, cuff and liner. Now available in select Redster, Hawx and Backland boots.


What to do when the foot shape matches the shell shape?

The heel, ankle and tongue of the Mimic liner feature a layer of supportive, heat-moldable material. After being softened in the oven, this material mimics the precise shape of your foot, and hardens in that shape for a perfect custom fit.






What to do when the foot shape is narrower than the shell shape?

  • Volume Reducing Leg Pad

    The Volume Reducing Leg Pad is designed to take up equal space around the leg, providing a snugger fit, increased comfort and increased shock absorption.

  • Volume Reducing Pad Kits

    Have these pads added in order to reduce excess volume around the ankle area, forefoot and instep area of the liner.